Sunday, March 7, 2010

Keiran gets her first Best of Breed

Keiran won the Best of breed in Turlock Feb 28th. It was very exciting. She has many wins of Best of Variety & won Best Color Jr Doe at the ARBA Convention this year in Del Mar.
She is a Lovely young lady. With beautiful eye's.

Isolde the Red English Doe

Isolde is getting a hair cut and I am hoping she will have some lovely red babies. She has a great body under all that lovely red wool.
And Yes she is bigger than my barn. he he.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Nola gets naked...

Casey's Nola has had a wonderful show career with 19 Grand Champion legs.
She won Best of Variety Color Sr Doe again at her last show in Red Bluff. She has 3 Best of Breed, 9 Best of Variety wins. Including Best of Variety at the ARBA convention this year (very exciting) and 10 1st place Color Jr Doe. So it is time to cut off her coat and have my patented pineapple cut :). They look like a pineapple when I'm done . There really is a bunny under all the wool. We get asked that question all the time at shows. So I hope Nola will enjoy being cut down and have some babies soon.

Wool were is the bunny??

Here are the two coats or fleeces from Nola and Fawnton. I beautiful fluffy cloud of wool. A show coat is so wonderful about 10 inches on these coats. Crazy long. You only need wool about 3 inches to make lovely yarn. Non show bunnies get cut down about every 3 months to produce lovely wool. Show coats are a lot of work but so lovely...Nola is the tort on the left and Fawnton is the Fawn on the right. White cat in the middle who is always helping me with spinning and yarn.

Fawnton without his coat.

Fawnton a beautiful Fawn buck that was breed by Betty came to live with me a month or so before Convention. He did great there and has done fine on the show tables. It is time to take off his coat and enjoy the lightness. Hopefully he will be a Papa as well.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Babies are Cuties

Here are some wonderful baby pictures. Lovely Black, White and Fawn or Cream. They are from my Really Red Line so they all carry the rufus. I just love the babies. For trust in advertising they are in a Cuties box ;)

Red girls have more Fun.

Here is one of my red Gals. They are coming along well. I've been working on Really Red show quality English Angora's. The next generation should really be amazing.